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Many individuals with Autism struggle with this process, and so talking on the phone is a challenge.

If you know in advance that you’ll be leaving a voicemail, you can prepare a script of what to say–your name, the general reason you’re calling, and the best phone number to reach you.

Other times it may be just really hard for them to say no and advocate for themselves. It helps to make a list of general time windows, such as “Thursday evenings work well for me,” or “Mondays after 1pm are never a good fit.” We recommend listing three or four days and blocks of time on those days and writing those down.

So, before calling to make an appointment, try mapping out your schedule. Have your calendar ready to go when you make your call, whether that’s a paper calendar or your electronic calendar. Due to the challenges we have discussed, many times individuals with Autism shy away from phone calls and as a result don’t get better at the skill of making appointments.

Many times, people with ASD just take the first appointment that they are offered.

Sometimes they may not be aware that they can say no thank you and either suggest another day/time or request another appointment time.

Is there anything you’ll need to know about parking? Sometimes offices mail out intake packets that include these instructions.

In some instances, you can request that they send this information to you via email.

At Autism Personal Coach, many of our clients struggle with using the telephone.

Over the years, we’ve developed some strategies to help. Lots to Process Conversations involve rapid processing of information from the other person, making quick decisions on the spot, and then having to form a response.

énergiques, elles possèdent une autorité naturelle et une grande force de persuasion.

L'indépendance et le besoin de commander sont caractéristiques de leur nature.

Can you imagine having to make a decision when you forget important information relating to that decision? When talking in person, at least you can be given some visual support to help with this process.