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You can practice finding a quiet space to take the call and practice statements like, “Can you please hold on while I move somewhere quiet?NAVIGUEZ MALIN Signification du prénom Elvire | Origine du prénom Emi | Origine du prénom Elsy | Signification du prénom Elyette | Origine du prénom Emanuele | prénom fille Emeline | prénom garçon Elven | prénom italien Elvino | Signification du prénom Emeric | prénom garçon Emil | prénom bébé Emilce | prénom bébé Emelyn | Signification du prénom Emanuela | prénom espagnol Elva | prénom japonais Emiko | prénom bébé Elvezia | prénom bébé Elyes | prénom Elyssa | Signification du prénom Elsie | prénom garçon Elyas | prénom bébé Elvira | Origine du prénom Elymas | prénom garçon Elvio | Signification du prénom Elvia | Origine du prénom Elviro | prénom bébé Emanuel | prénom fille Ema | prénom espagnol Emanuella | Origine du prénom Elvin | prénom anglais Elvis | Qui sont elles ?

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Find What Works When you call for an appointment, the secretary (or whoever else may answer) will often suggest an appointment day/time.

Other times it may be just really hard for them to say no and advocate for themselves. It helps to make a list of general time windows, such as “Thursday evenings work well for me,” or “Mondays after 1pm are never a good fit.” We recommend listing three or four days and blocks of time on those days and writing those down.

So, before calling to make an appointment, try mapping out your schedule. Have your calendar ready to go when you make your call, whether that’s a paper calendar or your electronic calendar. Due to the challenges we have discussed, many times individuals with Autism shy away from phone calls and as a result don’t get better at the skill of making appointments.

Having someone there when you are making the phone call can really help reduce your anxiety because if you are starting to struggle, you know they are there to help you through the process and make sure the call ends up being a success and the appointment is made.

Be Ready for a Call Back Some offices require you to leave a voicemail and they call you back to schedule the actual appointment.

If you’ve left a voicemail for a care provider, make sure you keep your visual preparation sheet and a pen/pencil handy for when they call back.

Your friend (or Autism coach) can also help you prepare for a call back to schedule an appointment.Can you imagine having to make a decision when you forget important information relating to that decision? When talking in person, at least you can be given some visual support to help with this process.No Script In previous blog posts we’ve talked about how not knowing the expectations can cause anxiety for individuals with Autism. Someone may be asked questions they didn’t think they would be asked and aren’t prepared to answer.Phone a Friend Before you call the actual office for an appointment, it’s a great idea to have someone you trust go through all the steps with you.Our coaches help clients prepare for important phone calls and sit with clients while they make the call to support them until they feel confident enough making calls on their own.Many times, people with ASD just take the first appointment that they are offered.

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