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While Kimberley Wright told CBS Chicago the concept was ‘a lot of fun’, new members of the university seemed less convinced, with freshman Lynda Lopez saying she thought ‘This is not for me’ when she looked at UChicago Hookups.However, the site founders clearly hope to encourage their classmates into casual encounters, with the website bearing the legend ‘Chastity is curable if detected early’.

Historically speaking, noticing women hasn’t only been a treasured pastime for men everywhere, it’s been a way of life. Sure, the stereotypical idea of construction workers wolf whistling at women seems preposterously rude in today’s world (although I’m sure it still happens…somewhere).The sobering thought that comes to mind here is that this factor alone is moving our culture from an epidemic fear of approaching women to an equally pandemic state of being afraid to even LOOK at them. When was the first time you remember encountering the adjective “rapey” to describe certain male behavior? 2) The Ubiquity Of Porn This one is about as simple to throw on the table as it gets.Given the sheer abundance of videos and images of whatever kind of woman you’d like buck naked and having sex online—and the on-demand availability of it, for free—have we as guys really just become immune to anything less?They weren’t even tuned in to the “hottie radar” frequency.I was, and remain, astonished by what I saw repeat itself over and over again.A message on the site explains that it is 'programmed and run by a motivated group of Uof C undergrads who believe that doing work and having fun aren't mutually exclusive'.'We're trying to change the ages-old stereotype that UChicago students are severely sexually deprived,' the statement adds.'With that in mind, if you're looking for "where fun comes to die", you've come to the wrong place.'Officials at the university have not yet commented on the establishment of the website.

[Please Read: This has obviously become an incendiary post, to the point of going viral.The likes of Saul Bellow, Mike Nichols and Carl Sagan attended classes there but the University of Chicago could soon become known for its sexual exploits rather than its notable alumni.Students at the 121-year-old university have started a new website to encourage classmates to arrange casual sex and more than 200 people have enrolled.I mean, when I was in college and living at the beach during the summer, I’m fairly sure my friends and I didn’t miss ANY of the girls who came within 200 yards of us.Back at school, if a girl dared wear red underwear beneath white pants our entire dormitory new about it by lunchtime.We were actively discussing creative ways she might encourage the kind of man she deserves to introduce himself, start a conversation and sweep her off of her feet. The odds of seeing a jaguar in the wild in Florida are probably greater than that.

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