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Tf2 updating - dorsetdating com

Expect a lot of spooky stuff :) Episodes: Helsing Ultimate (HD1080), Nightmare Campus and Rick And Morty season 3 (HD1080) Movies: Ang Agimat - Anting-Anting Ni Lolo, Black Sheep (2006) (remasterd in HD1080), Inkheart (HD1080), Kaena - The Prophecy (HD720), Kamozu Kazuos Curse, Karas - The Revelation (HD720), Lifeforce (HD1080), Little Ghostly Adventures Of The Tofu Boy (HD720), Monsters vs Aliens - Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space (HD1080), A Monster Calls (HD1080), Ninja Shrine (HD1080), Spooky Buddies (HD1080), Tekken - Blood Vengeance (HD1080), Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny (HD1080) and The Wolfman (1941) (remasterd in HD1080) Next update scheduled for 1 December 2017 1 October 2017 Hello, as of today I introduce a new HD format to the site: HD2160, also known as 4k or Ultra HD.

Now for the update: Episodes: Birdy The Mighty - Decode (HD720), Devil May Cry (HD1080) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) season 4 (HD1080) Misc: Lion Maru G (HD720) Movies: Amanda And The Alien, Call Me Tonight, Cat People (1982) (remasterd in HD1080), Da Grande, Dr Phibes Rises Again (HD1080), Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (remasterd in HD1080/60), Identity Crisis, Justice League Dark (HD1080), Kubo And The Two Strings (HD1080), Moana (HD1080), The Phantom Tollbooth, Pixels (HD1080), Shrek (remasterd in HD1080/60) and Shrek 2 (remasterd in HD1080/60) Next update scheduled for 1 April 2017 1 February 2017As announced in the last update, here are the clips that refer to the preview images in the image bar (from left to right): The Monkey King 2 TF2, The Monkey King 2 TF6, Black Blood Brothers S01E09 Eleventh Yard TF and The Howling 2 - Your Sister Is A Werewolf TF2 And now we will continue the update with Episodes: Avengers Ultron Revolution season 3 (HD1080), Black Blood Brothers (HD720) and Ultimate Spiderman season 4 (HD1080) Movies: Batman And Robin (HD1080), The Book Of Masters, The Howling 2 - Your Sister Is A Werewolf (HD1080), The Howling 3 - The Marsupials (remasterd in HD1080), The Howling 6 - The Freaks (remasterd in HD1080 extra clip), Jack The Giant Killer (1962), Legend Of The Millenium Dragon (HD720), Mirror Mirror (2012), Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children (HD1080), Monkey King - Hero Is Back (HD1080), The Monkey King 2 (HD1080), Mutant Girld Squad (HD720), One Piece Movie 5 - The Curse Of The Sacred Sword (HD1080), One Piece Movie 9 - The Movie (HD720) and Sheep And Wolves (HD1080) Next update scheduled for 1 March 2017 1 January 2017 Hello and welcome everyone in 2017; a new year full of updates :-) As of now I also introduce teasers images in the image bar above in advance of the next update, who will now and then appear.

Episodes: Gravity Falls season 2 (final episode) (HD1080) and Teen Wolf season 5 part 2 (HD1080) Movies: The Amazing Wizard Of Paws, Bad Taste, Batman Unlimited - Monster Mayhem (HD1080), Demon City Shinjuku, Dr Jekyll And Ms Hyde, Goddess Of Love (1988), Hotel Transylvania 2 (HD1080), How To Drown Dr M, Mostly Ghostly, My Demon Within, Power Rangers - The Movie (HD720), The Seven Ravens (2015), Tommy Tricker And The Stamp Traveller, Underworld (HD1080/60), Underworld 2 - Evolution (HD1080/60) and Zhongkui - Snow Girl And The Dark Crystal (HD1080) Note: due to a special event the update has been rescheduled for 1 March 2016Episodes: Neon Joe - Werewolf Hunter and Soul Eater Not (HD1080) Movies: Akira (HD1080), Alice In Wonderland (2010) (HD1080), Dark Angel - The Ascent, Death Of The Incredible Hulk, Dororo, The Extreme Fox, Help I Am A Boy, The Howling - Reborn (HD1080), I Was A Rat, Infestation (HD1080), Krabat (HD1080), Looney Tunes - Back In Action (HD1080), The Magic Flute (1994), The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow (HD1080), Uncaged (2015) (HD1080) and Wicked Stepmother Next update scheduled for 1 April 2016 1 February 2016Episodes: Concrete Revolutio (HD720) and Young Justice season 1 and 2 (HD1080) Movies: The Beastmaster (HD1080), Beauty And The Beast (1978), Blade Trinity (HD1080), Galaxy Of Terror (HD1080), GI JOE - The Movie (remasterd in HD1080), The Hugga Bunch, Lycantropus - The Moonlight Murders, Ponyo (HD1080), Puss In Boots (1999), Rabid Grannies, The Raccoon War (HD1080), Sinbad And The Minotaur (HD1080), Super Mario Bross (HD1080), Sword Of The Valiant, Wizards (HD1080) and X-Men - First Class (HD1080) Next update scheduled for 1 March 2016 1 January 2016 Happy New Year : D Ofcourse it is another year full with updates ^^ Episodes: Dance In The Vampire Bund (HD720) and Gravity Falls season 1 and 2 (HD1080) Misc: Dirty Paws Movies: Ang Panday, Ang Panday 2, Beloved Enemy, Creature (1998) (remasterd in HD1080), Enteng Kabisote 3, Enteng Kabisote 4, Evolution (2001) (HD720), The Fly (1986) (remasterd in HD1080 extended), Hansel And Gretel - Witch Hunters (HD1080), Jupiter Ascending (HD1080), Metamorphoses (1978), Puss In Boots (1969), Scooby Doo - Monsters Unleashed (HD720), Snakes On A Train, Sometimes They Come Back Again (HD720), Son Of The Mask (HD1080) and The Thief Of Bagdad (1940) (HD1080) Next update scheduled for 1 February 2016 1 December 2015Episodes: Hemlock Grove season 3 (HD1080) and Rick And Morty season 2 (HD1080) Misc: Leopard Man Movies: The Black Cauldron (HD720), The Demons Rook, The Devils Advocate (HD1080), Gladiators Of Rome (HD1080), Goal Of The Dead, Nightscape (2012) (HD1080), Robocop (1987) (HD1080), Sinbad - Legend Of The Seven Seas, Sleepwalkers (remasterd in HD1080), The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (HD1080), Spring (HD1080), Transformers 2 - Revenge Of The Fallen (HD1080), Wilderness (1996), X-Men - Days Of Future Past (HD1080), Zebraman, Zebraman 2 and Zu Warriors From The Magic Mountain (HD720) Next update scheduled for 1 January 2016 This website performs best on Internet Explorer or Firefox and is best viewed with a resolution of 1024 x 768 dpi or higher.

The videoclips are best played in VLC media player.

- Legend Of Ravaging Dynasties (HD1080), A Magic Summer Night (HD1080), Night Of The Demons (1988) (HD1080), Night Of The Demons 2 (HD1080), Night Of The Demons 3, Popeye - Aladdin And His Wonderfull Lamp, Shadow Builder, Slayer, The Stupid House, Teen Witch (Remasterd in HD1080) and Werewolves Of The Third Reich Next update scheduled for 1 March 2018 1 February 2018For the first time in almost a decade there will be a new documentary added to Documentaries namely: Clash Of The Gods - Minotaur documentary Here's the rest of the update with Episodes: Gary The Rat (HD720), One-Punch Man (HD1080) and You Are Being Summoned, Azazel-San (HD720) Movies: The Brothers Grimm (HD1080), The Day Of The Crows (HD1080), The Happiness Of The Katakuris (HD720), L. Special attention for Tokyo Grand Guignol - Good Boy ... Anyway here is the update with: Episodes: Shadowhunters season 1 and 2 (HD1080) and Slayers (HD1080) Misc: Maid Marian And Her Merry Men Movies: The Adventures Of The Red Airplane (HD1080), Alien vs Ninja (HD1080), Gantz - O (HD1080), Guardians Of The Galaxy vol 2 (HD1080), The Incredible Mr Limpet (HD720), Paprika (HD1080), Reign Of The Gargoyles (HD720), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) (HD1080), Seven Faces Of Dr Lao, Slayers Movie 1 - Perfect (HD1080), Superman Batman - Apocalypse (HD1080), Superman Batman - Public Enemies (HD1080), Tomb Of Dracula and The Ugly Duckling And Me (HD1080) Next update scheduled for 1 October 2017 1 June 2017This is the last update before the annual summer break.

Also check out the werehorse/pony TF of Stan Against Evil S02E03 Curse Of The Werepony Episodes: Agents Of S. Here is the rest of the update containing: Episodes: Midnight Texas (HD1080) and Teen Wolf season 6 part 2 (HD1080) Misc: Swans (1990) Movies: Alien Nation (HD1080), Batman And Harley Quinn (HD1080), Big Baby, Captain Underpants - The First Epic Movie (HD1080), A Chinese Odyssey Part 3 (HD1080), He-Man And She-Ra - The Secret Of The Sword (HD1080), Help I Am A Fish (HD1080), League Of Gods (HD1080), Luger Code 1951, Marvels Super Hero Adventures - Frost Fight (HD1080), Micro Mini Kids (HD720), The Midas Touch (1997), Sadako (HD1080), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out Of The Shadows (remasterd in HD2160) and Time Bandits (remasterd in HD1080) Next update scheduled for 31 October 2017 25 August 2017Hello and welcome back after the summer break :) It is earlier then expected but I had this update ready sooner.

1 February 2018For the first time in almost a decade there will be a new documentary added to Documentaries namely: Clash Of The Gods - Minotaur documentary Here's the rest of the update with Episodes: Gary The Rat (HD720), One-Punch Man (HD1080) and You Are Being Summoned, Azazel-San (HD720) Movies: The Brothers Grimm (HD1080), The Day Of The Crows (HD1080), The Happiness Of The Katakuris (HD720), L. More changes are on their way as long they are possible with my website skills.

See you all back in September :) Episodes: Clash Of The Gods (HD720), Family Guy (HD1080), Hakkenden - Eight Dogs Of The East (HD720) and Overlord (HD1080) Misc: LG G6 commercial (HD720) Movies: Batman - Mystery Of The Batwoman (HD1080), Beauty And The Beast (2017) (HD1080), Blood - The Last Vampire (HD1080), Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2 - The Sealed Card (HD720), Cherry Tree (HD720), Dylan Dog - Dead By Night (HD1080), Faust - Love Of The Damned, Hulk - Where Monsters Dwell (HD1080), Journey To The West - The Demons Strike Back (HD1080), Krrish 3 (HD1080), Trick R Treat (remasterd in HD1080), Witches Do Not Exist and Zip And Zap And The Captains Island (HD720) Next update scheduled for 1 September 2017 Episodes: Beserk (1997) (HD720), Cyborg 009 vs Devilman (HD1080) and Teen Wolf season 6 part 1 (HD1080) Movies: Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016) (HD1080), Anubis - The Path Of Seven Sins, Beserk The Golden Arc 1 - The Egg Of The King (HD1080), Beserk The Golden Arc 3 - The Advent (HD1080), Big Fish And Begonia (HD1080), Brother Bear 2 (remasterd in HD1080), Devilman - The Birth (HD720), Game Of Werewolves (remasterd in better quality HD1080), The Guardians (HD1080), The Scorpion King - Rise Of A Warrior (HD1080), The Scorpion King 4 - Quest For Power (HD1080), Teen Titans - The Judas Contract (HD1080), Warcraft - The Beginning (HD1080), Wasting Away and The Watermill Princess 2 Next update scheduled for 1 June 2017 1 April 2017Special attention for The Congress TF3 because in all of the (almost) 11 years I do this work I never encounterd a feral bull tf...untill now. And now we will continue the update with Episodes: Aria The Scarlet Ammo (HD720), Mike Tyson Mysteries season 2 (HD1080) and The Sacred Blacksmith (HD1080) Movies: Batman Unlimited - Animal Instincts (HD1080), Bibi And Tina, Big Bad Wolf (remasterd in HD1080), The Congress (HD1080), Inuyasha Movie 1 - Affections Touching Across Time (HD1080), Inuyasha Movie 2 - The Castle Beyond The Looking Glass (HD1080), Inuyasha Movie 3 - Swords Of An Honorable Ruler (HD1080), Kull The Conquer (HD1080), The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (remasterd in better HD1080 quality extra clip), Modern Vampires, Real Knight (HD1080), Super Buddies (HD1080), Underworld 5 - Blood Wars (HD1080), Urotsukidoji - Legend Of The Overfiend (HD720) and The Witches (remasterd in HD1080) Next update scheduled for 1 March 2017As some of you have noticed the preview screen has been boosted from 4:3 square format to 16:9 widescreen format.

Enjoy =3 Episodes: The Nightmare Room, Requiem From The Darkness and Saiyuki Misc: Contact (1981) Movies: Bunny The Killer Thing (HD1080), Casper Meets Wendy, The Church (1989) (HD1080), Curse Of The Beast, Dragonball Evolution (remasterd in HD1080), Electra Woman And Dyna Girl (HD1080), Guardians Of The Galaxy (HD1080/60), Paco And The Magical Picture Book (HD720), R. Stines Monsterville - The Cabinet Of Souls (HD1080), Rockula, The Thing (1982) (remasterd in HD1080), The Thing (2011) (remasterd in HD1080), Twilight Of The Dark Master and Wicked City (1987) The scheduled dates are in fact deadline dates when the update must be ready; it can happen that when an update is ready before the deadline that it will launched right away.

I would advise fans to check the site once a week to be sure you haven't missed anything.

Enjoy ^^ Episodes: Jekyll And Hyde season 1 (HD720), Rage Of Bahamut - Genesis and Wolfblood season 4 Misc: Attack Of The Moon Beasts Movies: An American Werewolf In London (Remasterd in HD1080 extra clip), An American Werewolf in Paris (Refurbished in Wide Screen DVD quality), Batman Unlimited - Mech vs Mutants (HD1080), Demon Island, Devil Fetus, Freaks Of Nature (HD1080), Ghostbusters (2016) (HD1080), The Huntsman - Winters War (HD1080), Immortal (Ad Vitam) (HD1080), Lunan (HD720), Mojin - The Lost Legend (HD1080), R. See you then ^^ Next update scheduled for 1 September 2016 1 April 2016As of today a new HD format will be introduced: HD1080/60; standard HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 dpi but with the benefit of twice the usual framerate standard (60 fps instead of 30 fps) causing video and motions to be more fluently.

The Underworld movie series have been refitted with this new standard.

You are free to download videoclips and images on this site but only for private use.

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