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When she got to my penis she looked at it, changed her angle, tilted her head, trying to see it from different perspectives. " Her eyes darted up to mine, then back down to my penis, then back to my eyes. " "Well, I'm not suggesting you suck on it, or I put it inside you," I said, she gaped at me. She tentatively squeezed it, then she lightly stroked me up to the top where she took her hand off and felt my cock head. " she asked, "the jerking or me touching your balls? I let go of her hand and she kept jacking me as I had showed her. Her breasts swayed back and forth as she worked on my member. "Don't pinch too hard, I think that would hurt." That was all I needed.

Usually if I were going to make Sheryl cum I would either eat her or she would hump herself against me. Finally I was all the way in, and I began a very slight in and out movement that coincided with the rhythm I was applying to her clit. I threw caution to the wind, and I adjusted my position. I pulled my hand away from her clit, leaving my other hand's middle finger inside her. Slowly I licked from where my finger was up to her clit.Nevertheless, my cum was hanging off my s****rs forehead and nose, and she didn't seem to mind. Eventually I was too sensitive and I held her wrist and stopped the motion.She looked up at me and said, "That was incredible. Your, uh, stuff, hitting me as you grunted and thrust your hips up, wow, that was really hot." She hopped off the bed and cleaned her face off with Kleenex from my desk. I traced my finger over her clitoral hood, and used one hand to push it back while the other lightly applied pressure in a regular rhythm on the clit itself. I pushed my hand up and felt her closely trimmed pubic hair, fine and wispy. I put my hand on her leg and stroked her inner thigh. I rolled back onto my back and savoured the sensations of having Becky's hand gripping my cock and stroking, with her other hand rubbing my balls, or touching the head of my cock.

I leaned back in the couch, causing my erection to tent my track pants. Becky spotted it at once, as she looked at me to see if I was relaxing yet. She was clearly responding to what I was doing to her nipples. They were tantalizingly close to my mouth, but I didn't want her to freak out and stop jacking me.

Seems like a lot of people, you included, like dirty talk." Her pace on my penis increased. "How do you like this: tonight I had your cum on me twice. I got my face right over you when I knew you were going to cum soon. "Oh, I certainly don't want her to go away." I said. I thought back and remembered how it felt to have her naked body pressed against my back, her hand around my shaft in the warmness of the shower. This could only mean that they drank tonight, and took a taxi home.

Once when I watched you jack yourself, you came so much you spurted on my leg." This was having a definite effect on me. Amazingly, though I had already cum three times that night, I was getting hard again. I snickered as I imagined driving my father to their car in the morning: I would be able to lay it on pretty thick.

I sat and stared at the television, pretending I hadn't just masturbated while looking at my s****r doing the same. It also was incredibly erotic – I was getting a hard on very quickly again, even though I had just gotten myself off. " she asked me after the fourth or fifth time I peeked at her. My cum erupted from my cock and hit her in the face.

Fortunately I was in loose track pants, sitting on a couch. If Becky was having any of the same thoughts it certainly didn't show. It was a good thing I had cum just a short while earlier, there was not so much volume this time.

I kept licking, but I slowly pulled my finger out, and felt a spray against my chin that was quite powerful. It was my turn to get up and clean my face with tissue. "Did you know that I've been reading erotic stories online? Without waiting for an answer she continued, "It's true. "Becky," I began, "I am glad that this all happened tonight. She knows that, she's rearranging her life for you. When I was with you and Sheryl in the kitchen the other night, I realized that you two are my absolute best friends. Let's sl**p on it, we'll have clearer thoughts tomorrow." She said. I thought I would sl**p instantly, but the events of the evening were swirling through my head.