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The bottom of the thigh-length black floral print skirt flutters innocently in the ever-so-slight breeze passing through the room, but when she spins to take part in the ice-breaker I’ve planned, I notice how the top wraps tightly around her flawless waist around stays snug until where it just passes the point where her perfectly-defined buttcheeks take form.My subtle (yet well-trained) observation skills notice the slight rise of the intended-to-be-invisible top flare of her thong under that silken wrap surrounding her ass.

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She’s dressed perfectly for the warm autumn days at the beginning of the school year.“Hmmm,” I think to myself, “lovely accentuation brought out by a comfortable — and lovely — skirt.” As well, I notice the match: what looks like one of Daddy’s lightweight white Oxford dress shirts. And what a pair of gorgeous tits: They’re tight, firm, and just a little larger than what might be expected on a girl her size.The only button she’d bothered to fasten was the unique gold-covered change Daddy must have made: the Playboy bunny emblem.It takes just a few seconds, and her panties’ crotch becomes a rich, musky mixture of my saliva and her tender young womanhood.I nearly gasp in disbelief as my hands reach to grasp her rock-hard, panty-covered ass and find no material — except the thin line running up her crack.Her hands move in two directions: the right moves to the bottom of her sweater and begins to glide it upward, revealing those luscious, tight bra-less breasts my mouth has nuzzled many times in my private mental-fantasy moments before now.

She slowly caresses her breasts, alternately pinching her nipples, which quickly become swollen and rock-hard.

It’s as if she forgets she’s wearing something so short, and lets herself spread those luscious powerful legs just a little too far.

It’s then I can barely contain the blood rushing to my member.

I look up and see what I think is that look I’ve seen in the eyes of multiple struggling coeds like her before. you know my grade in this class isn’t so good, and well…

But I’m wrong, and we are alone — with nobody needing the room for over an hour. I really need a good grade in here, and I’ll do ANYTHING to raise it.” She slightly tilts her head, raises the corners of her mouth almost indiscernably and slowly works her eyes up my form to meet my eyes.

I know all it would take: The class session ends, the other students file out considering the profound implications of what I’d presented that morning.

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