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Those include people needing medical treatment unavailable in Gaza as well as students enrolled at Egyptian universities and Gazans with jobs abroad.There were tearful scenes at the makeshift departure point as families said their farewells.

Two weeks ago, Israel completed the removal of all 8,500 Jewish settlers who lived in 21 settlements among nearly 1.4 million Palestinians.The wall separating Gaza from Egypt that is known as the Philadelphia Route is seen from the former Jewish settlement of Rafiah Yam, in the southern Gaza Strip, Friday, Sept. Israeli troops demolished the last military installations in the Gaza Strip on Friday in final preparations to complete the pullout by Tuesday after 38 years of occupation.(AP Photo/Jim Hollander, Pool) Egypt deployed the first batch of 750 border troops along its desert frontier with the Gaza Strip on Saturday in line with Israel's withdrawal from the volatile Palestinian area, an Egyptian official said.Egypt opened the border for three days last month -- the first time it had done so since the reconciliation deal.Prior to that the crossing had been open for just 14 days this year, according to the Hamas-run interior ministry.Israel has agreed in principle to the deployment of foreign inspectors at Rafah when it reopens for passenger traffic, but says a final deal depends on how well the Palestinians combat militant groups.

The Palestinians want a firmer commitment from Israel, including an opening date for Rafah.

Rafah is Gaza's only border crossing not controlled by Israel.

Hamas handed control of the Gaza side to the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority on November 1 as the first part of an Egyptian-brokered reconciliation deal designed to end a bitter decade-long split.

Egypt opened its largely sealed border with Gaza on Saturday for only the second time since the Palestinian Authority took control of the crossing from the territory's Islamist rulers Hamas.

The Hamas-run interior ministry, which was organising departures from the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Yunis, said the crossing would stay open for four days but, in the Egypt direction, for humanitarian cases only.

Up to 20,000 Gazans have applied to enter Egypt, far more than are able to cross during the brief openings.

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